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BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

MacDonald Healthcare

What is the process?

Virtual Care

This facility is 100% virtual care. All appointments will be done over the phone and documents will be sent to you electronically by text message, email, and your patient portal. Life is more busy by the day, my aim is to provide accessibility to the patient. As a specialist in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy many patients have come from out of town and out of state for these services, which can be time consuming and financially taxing. With virtual care there is no need to spend time travelling for your appointment, taking extra time off work and away from family.  Simply pick a time, convenient to you, that you can dedicate to your appointment and make the call. 

Free Consultation

New patients are always offered to schedule a completely free consultation. This is a valuable one on one conversation time to make sure that I am what you are looking for in a provider and that the services I provide are a good fit for your needs. Prior to this appointment you will be provided a short video about hormones, I request that you watch this video before your appointment so that you have time to consider questions that you'd like to discuss with me during your consultation.  You will also be provided with a health history and symptom questionnaire to be completed prior to your consultation so that I can better understand your needs and answer your questions more specifically for you. 

After your consultation the next step is to establish care. 

Establish Care

This appointment is focused on collecting your history, symptoms, and goals for your health.  We will discuss how the symptoms and health concerns you are experiencing may relate to hormones. From our conversation and the information gathered I will then know what labs I would like to order for you.  After this appointment you will be provided a lab order for blood work.

Lab Draw

Your lab order can be taken to any of the local lab facilities if you have insurance.  If you do not have insurance, if your insurance doesn't cover labs and/or has a high deductible, I will discuss options with you to get discounted labs for cash pay services.  Labs results will take about two weeks to be returned, you will be scheduled a follow-up appointment for that time frame. 

Lab Review

Finally, it is time to get some answers! At this appointment we will focus on reviewing your labs and developing a plan for your hormone therapy. Before your scheduled appointment I will send you a copy of your labs and my recommendations with detailed information so you can take time review what we will be discussing, and you have time for questions to develop.  This can be a lot of information at once, so it is important to give yourself time to process.  Together we will go through each individual lab value, I will explain what optimal range is and if you are needing supplementation. Once I have reviewed this information with you and given you my recommendations you will need to decide if you are ready to begin bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  When you are ready, I will review the consent forms with you and once signed I will order your prescriptions. If you need more time to consider or discuss with your partner etc. that is no problem, you can get back in touch once you're ready. 


Bioidentical hormone prescriptions are compounded specifically for you. This means that they will not be ready right away even though the prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy during your appointment. The pharmacy will contact you once they are ready to process your prescriptions and let you know when you can expect to receive or pick them up.  

You will be prescribed a 90 day supply of compounded bioidentical hormones. 

These prescriptions are NOT covered by insurance and no claims may be submitted for the cost. However, you can use a health benefits account or flex spending account to pay, or be reimbursed, for the cost of prescriptions.  

Follow Up

It is imperative that I monitor how your body is responding to the prescriptions once you start therapy. After eight weeks of taking your prescriptions you will need to have your labs drawn again. These results will inform me as to how your body is responding to the doses and form of hormones you have been prescribed. Each person's body is unique and so is the response to hormones.  Some are quick to respond and some are not, if you're not getting results we may need to adjust your prescriptions. By doing labs in this time frame we will have time to make any necessary adjustments before you need to refill your prescriptions. 

Labs will need to be drawn every six months for as long as you taking hormones. At times it may be necessary to draw labs in three month intervals, specifically when a dose has been adjusted or if you are going through a major stress in life or trauma to your body like a surgery or accident.  Your body will use hormones differently as you go through the ups and downs of life and as you age. It is my goal to keep your hormones levels in optimal range so you can be at your best no matter the obstacle. 

Communication & Commitment

Communication and commitment are key to your success with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  I can't help you if I don't know what you are experiencing. You will have access to contact me directly by using your patient portal messaging center, by phone, or text message.  I encourage you to reach out anytime you have questions or concerns, please don't wait until a scheduled appointment to address your needs.  Oftentimes symptoms can be quickly remedied if I know what you're experiencing.  Alternatively we may need to change our approach completely and you shouldn't wait 3-6 months to find that out. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

It is of vital importance that you commit to consistently taking your hormones and supplements as instructed.  Failure to do so will result imbalances in your hormones and may cause your body to respond symptomatically. Being lackadaisical or skipping days will not get you the results you desire. It may take some time and dedication to build your routine but it is well worth your effort to commit to your health! 

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