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BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

MacDonald Healthcare


My name is Debra MacDonald, owner of MacDonald Healthcare. I am a board certified nurse practitioners and certified bioidentical hormone replacement therapist for both women and men. I look forward to working with you to regain your health and vitality! 

Debra MacDonald, ARNP, C-BHRT

My Story

Debra MacDonald ARNP, C-BHRT

I am a board-certified family Nurse Practitioner.  I received my bachelor’s degree as a Registered Nurse through Oregon Health & Science University in 1999.  After a few years of practice, I returned to school and in 2003 graduated from Washington State University with a master’s degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. In 2005, I established my own practice, MacDonald Healthcare.

Before I opened my practice, I worked in mainstream medicine, in both hospital and clinical settings. I would often see 20-30+ patients per day and I rarely was able to build a connection or listen to the patient the way they deserved. I was rushed by management to provide care but wasn’t given the time I needed to provide adequate care to each patient. This limited the ability I had to effectively provide healthcare.

One day it became apparent to me that I had lost myself. I was tired, had trouble thinking and sleeping, I felt out of shape and lackluster. But I was too young to feel this way. I began my search for solutions to how I felt and what was happening to my body.  I started with an appointment at my primary care provider. I was told I was just depressed.  They handed me a prescription for antidepressants, I was told this is normal, and sent on my way. I was not satisfied; this was not what I needed or wanted, and I knew it. This made me realize that millions of women across the globe were getting the same ill advice when seeking improvement for their health and wellbeing.  

Since I was unable to rely on my medical provider for effective solutions I turned to my own training and sought answers for the changes I was experiencing. I discovered my hormones were a mess!  But what was I to do about it? More searching led me to the discovery of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This seemed like a solution to my complaints rather than a mask.  After just six weeks of taking compounded bioidentical hormones, I was feeling more like myself again.  I felt no more depression, I noticed improvements in headaches, hot flashes and night sweats were gone, and I started to lose weight.  My energy, sleep, and mood overall improved.  I began to feel radiant again!


I was so elated to shed these symptoms I had to share what I had learned and help others get their vitality back as well.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t something I was able to do while working in mainstream medicine.  This inspired me to establish my own integrative practice where I could provide patients the care they deserve, without restraint of time or one size fits all structure of western medicine. 


I am certified as a Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Specialist through World Link Medical and have over 100 hours of specified training in hormone replacement, 17 years of practice in this specialty and 23 years of medical practice.


I believe strongly in integrative healthcare that offers patients a selection of modalities to treat illness, promote a healthy lifestyle, and to keep you in optimal health so you can enjoy your life as you age. It is easier to get your body back in balance than it is to live in the misery that can occur when your body and hormones are imbalanced balanced.  You may have been told that what you are experiencing is normal (mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight gain, no sex drive) but it is NOT normal.  Don't treat or mask symptoms with prescription medications that are often unhelpful or even harmful. Instead, seek out the root cause of the imbalances in the body that are producing your symptoms. When your hormonal imbalances are treated many symptoms will disappear, even problems that are not directly hormone related will often improve.

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