Aging is a normal part of life and with today's medical advances we are living longer and longer. Conventional medicine holds to the belief that with aging there is progressive deterioration, this does not have to be true!


We focus on the prevention of the aging process by treating the aging symptoms. In this new paradigm of medical care we offer hormone supplementation with Bio-identical Hormones. Research from around the world shows that treating declining hormones, in all stages of life, is no different than treating a hormonal imbalance of a younger person. It should be done quickly before hormone imbalances cause complications and diseases to occur. Menopause issues occur in both men and women; our goal is to get you back to optimal level.


We also offer you many services that can boost your self esteem and make you express more confident in your new lifestyle. We offer laser treatments that include laser hair removal, laser pigmentation removal, and Accent laser treatments to tone and tighten your skin and reduce wrinkling and sagging. We also have Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Deb’s Skin Essentials, Replenix, Botox, and Latisse.


Women can make appointments for their yearly female exams, PAPs, breast exams, and laboratory work. We can order your yearly mammogram and other radiology or laboratory testing that needs to be completed.


We are proud to offer RITM Scenar therapy. This cutting edge technology allows a therapist to deliver pain free, non-invasive control and management over many kinds of pain and dysfunctions of the body. Follow this link for details on RITM Scenar Therapy, Click here!


Most recently, in 2017, we have introduced Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography, as well as, Charlotte's Web Hemp Extracts.  All of us here at MacDonald Healthcare are thrilled to add these two services to our clinic, better aiding our patients in preventative, non-invasive, natural wellness and healthcare options.  


MacDonald Healthcare  offers a unique opportunity for our patients to preserve their health and feel at their best.


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Digital Infrared Thermal Imagaing
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Charlotte's Web Premium
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