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BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Define your life by health and vitality, not your age!

Aging is an inevitable part of life.  Through this process your natural hormone production will begin to decline resulting in hormone imbalances. Your body relies on hormones for many biological processes and organ functions. When your production of hormones slows down, so do you and your body’s processes.  And so, begins the onset of symptoms from the hormonal imbalances as well as an increased risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and many other chronic illnesses.


Life, as it is, imposes influencing factors to your endocrine system.  Stress, sleep, physical activity, diet, environmental toxins, consumable toxins, medications, surgeries, and illnesses are all impacting your hormone production and balance at an alarming rate. No longer are hormonal imbalances just for those in menopause and andropause, but an integral factor in every human’s health and longevity at some point. Some sooner than later.


Over the years I have consistently seen a younger demographic seeking solutions to symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Female, male, adolescents to adults;  finding balance in hormone levels will help you optimize your body through life. My focus is on the prevention of the aging process by treating symptoms at their root cause, imbalanced hormones. Supplementation should be done swiftly before imbalances cause further complications and disease to occur.  It is my goal to get you back to optimal levels of hormones in your body so you can thrive in life.

Time is hard to come by for many of us these days, there is just so much to be done.  But your health need not be neglected!  MacDonald Healthcare is a completely virtual practice. No need to spend your valuable time and money or energy to come into an office taking time from work or family, all you need to do is set aside time for a focused phone call for your appointments. Virtual healthcare has positively impacted many of our patients and has made my services far more available than ever before. You deserve specialty healthcare and at your convenience whenever possible, I strive to deliver just that. 

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