Simply Effective


Deb has joined with Topix Pharmaceuticals to provide you with the simply effective products of Deb's Skin Essentials. We also offer Replenix products to complete a tailor made, anti-aging skin care regimen perfect for your skin, no matter the type. 


The medicinal powers of green tea have been documented for thousands of years to cure a wide variety of ailments.   In modern medicine, green tea has been recognized by scientists for its unique properties since the 1960's.  The Replenix® line and Deb’s Skin Essentials offers patients the benefits of green tea by applying it directly to their skin.  The product lines have been specially formulated with green tea to deliver an effective, easy-to-use system for cleaner, smoother, younger looking skin. 


Of all of the antioxidants known, the components of green tea are the most potent.  Antioxidants act to counteract the effects of free radicals, deactivating them before they cause harm to your skin. 


For the ultimate anti-aging product we have Estriol Facial Creamthat is made specifically for you, in a local compounding pharmacy.  Estriol is a weak form of estrogen that helps with the important structural proteins collagen and elastin in your skin as well as hyaluronic acid that helps with moisture retention.  At menopause women experience rapid aging in their skin, Estriol Facial Cream will help to slow this process down. 


Our skin care line that has products for dry, normal, and oily skin.  Call or stop in to talk with our staff today to find the products right for you. 


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