RITM Scenar Thearpy 

The Power to manage pain effectively


In most cases RITM SCENAR therapy will provide quick and sustainable pain relief.  However, RITM SCENAR is much more than a pain relief device.  The device acts as a catalyst for the body's self-healing and regulative processes.  This is why after a RITM SCENAR treatment you may notice improvements in general health, sleep, apetitie, sex drive, and a feeling of well-being.


How does Scenar work?


Our health relies on the continuous exchange of information within the body. Each and every function of the body is interrelated and works in harmony with other functions - that is until stress, injury or disease disrupts that communication. The SCENAR communicates with all functions of the body through direct contact on the skin, tuning into the body's inner communication, and understanding the body's needs from the signals being sent back and forth. The RITM SCENAR responds to these signals accordingly with gentle electrical impulses that communicate with the nervous system to stimulate the body's own healing process, so your body can operate with maximum efficiency once again.

This process used by the SCENAR is called 'Reflex Biofeedback', which is an ongoing, reflex conversation that proceeds at real-time, in biological speed and requires no conscious mental activity.

The SCENAR device sends out a series of electrical signals through the skin and measures the response. Each signal is only sent out when a change, in response to the previous signal, is recorded in the electrical properties of the skin. Visible responses include reddening of the skin, numbness, stickiness (the device will have the feeling of being magnetically dragged), a change in the numerical readout and an increase in the electronic clattering of the device. The C-fibres, which compromise 85% of all nerves in the body, react most readily to the electro-stimulation and are responsible for the production of neuro peptides and other regulatory peptides.

The body can get accustomed to a stable pathological state, which may have been caused by injury, or disease. The SCENAR acts as a catalyst to produce regulatory peptides by stimulation of C-fibres for the body to use where necessary. It is these neuro peptides that in turn reestablish the body's natural physiological state and are responsible for the healing process. As these peptides last up to several hours, the healing process will continue long after the treatment is over. The large quantity of neuro peptides and C-fibres in the Central Nervous System can also result in the treatment on one area aiding with other chemical imbalances, correcting sleeplessness, appetite and even behavioural problems



How long will my SCENAR treatment take? 


Treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of your pain complaint.  For acute injuries treatment time is usually about 30 minutes.  Chronic complaints usually take 45 minutes to treat.  We book all appointments for one hour to ensure your treatment is not rushed and all complaints can be addressed. 

How many SCENAR treatments will I need?  


The number of SCENAR treatments varies greatly from one session to a series of sessions. Each complaint is individual and therefore each approach is individual.  Typically three treatments will allow the patient and the therapist to better analyze the number of treatments needed if the complaint has not resolved by that time. 

In cases of Acute pain/injury, the best result will be achieved by having treatment sessions close to each other. The body releases its own neuropeptides that have an impact on the acute complaint, but after time the neuropeptides break down and more treatment is needed.

In cases of Chronic pain you should expect gradual pain reduction over a period of time. Remember the more chronic the condition, the more time it will take to achieve sustained pain relief.

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