RITM SCENAR Pro Plus is the most popular model among medical staff and holistic practitioners. It is a portable transdermal electroneurostimulator with monochrome LCD for displaying the results of diagnostics and stimulation, audible indication, with a built in electrode for determining optimal zones, time and therapeutic effect of stimulation.  It is inteneded for delivering general therapeutic non-invasive treatment to the physiological systems of the body via human skin areas in order to treat various pathologies. 
This price includes your first training and orientation of the device.
  • Details

    Black & White LCD display

    Four Modes of Operation – Manual, Dose 1, Dose 2 and Screening Mode

    Five Damping Modes

    Frequency Range – from 15Hz to 350Hz

    Frequency Modulations - from 30Hz to 120Hz

    Five Amplitude Modulations

    Range of Intensity – from 1 to 8

    Four standard Swing Modes

    Five Damping Modes

    Blue colour casing

    2 years warranty