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We have been partnering with patients to improve their health and quality of life since 2005. Here at MacDonald health we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for each and every patient. By individualizing your healthcare and taking the time to listen to you, our staff is able to meet your needs specifically. Our practitioners focus on communication, between patient and staff, this enables us to optomize your individual healthcare experience.  In all that we do, MacDonald Healthcare is dedicated to a high standard of care through excellence and the use of modernly innovated healthcare.


Debra MacDonald ARNP-C
  Nurse Practitioner/ Owner

Debra MacDonald is a board certified family practice nurse practitioner.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree as a Registered Nurse through Oregon Health Science University in 1999.   She returned to school in 2001 and graduated in 2003 from Washington State University with a Master’s degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. 


"Working in other practices, before I opened MacDonald Healthcare, I would see 20-30 patients a day.  I felt like I could not get to know my patients nor did I have the time to listen to them like I wanted to.  I had the 3 “Fs”.  I was frazzled, frump, and fat.  I was to young to feel this bad so I started looking for solutions.  I went to a mainstream medical doctor and was told I was depressed and handed an anti-depressant.  It wasn’t what I wanted or needed, and I knew it.  This made me realize that millions of women across the globe were getting the same ill advice.  


So I turned my medical training on myself and learned my hormones were a mess!  Then I found an option for treatment that was fascinating.  I started on Bio-identical hormones and within 6 weeks I started to feel like me again.  The depression was gone, the headaches were better, hot flashes and nights sweats were gone, and I started to lose weight. 


This inspired me to start my own integrative practice.  I felt women and men were hungry for natural treatments and fresh approaches to medicine. My clinic responds more adequately to my patient's medicinal demands than mainstream medicine has proven able to. 


I have over 50 hours of continuing education pertaining to Bio-identical Hormone therapy and over 10 years in practice.  

In the last year I have been training with the RITM Scenar Institute in the treatment and healing of pain using the RITM Scenar.  I have been certified in Levels 1, 2, Physical Therapy, Women’s Health, and Aesthetic treatments using the RITM Scenar in practice.


Many patients come to my office seeking integrative healthcare because they are not getting the results they desire with mainstream healthcare.  Integrative healthcare is a selection of validated modalities that are overseen by a knowledgeable health professional and integrated into your comprehensive plan of care.  

The art of taking a good history and physical of a patient by a practitioner in mainstream medicine has been neglected due to the financial pressures that force practitioners to shorten the time they spend with each patient to about 10 minutes.  Here at MacDonald Healthcare each new patient is given a 30 minute appointment for their first visit.  If we need longer, we take the time, always.  Your history and physical condition must be understood in order to provide you with the best comprehensive plan of treatment.  


I believe strongly in integrative healthcare that offers patients a selection of modalities to treat illness, promote a healthy life style, and to keep you in optimal health so you can enjoy your life as you age. It is easier to get your body back in balance than it is to live in the misery that can occur when your body is not balanced.  You may have been told that what you are experiencing is normal (fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight gain, feeling unsexy, no sex drive) but it is NOT normal.  Don’t pay thousands of dollars to treat symptoms, when your hormonal imbalances can be treated and symptoms will disappear."


Jacqie MacDonald
  Medical Assistant-R, WA
  Office Manager

As acting office manager Jacqie has a good knowledge of the business and is able to help you with most any need.  In addition to her roles in the front office, Jacqie is a RITM Scenar therapist specializing in pain relief. She has taken and been certified in Level 1 and Level 2, Women's Health, Sports Injuries, Physical Therapy, and Aesthetics in  RITM Scenar Therapy. 

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